Film maker Sadie Kaye is working with China Intercultural Initiative to document fine artist Matthew Plummers tour of solo exhibitions around Hong Kong and Mainland China

Film maker Sadie Kaye is working with China Intercultural Initiative to document fine artist Matthew Plummer’s tour of solo exhibitions around Hong Kong and Mainland China


“My work is concerned with salvation, refuge, revelation, roving eyes, long pilgrim marches, violet stars, rapt lovers, the morning after the wreck, dense, clotted murky rhythms, that which is rare, raw, fluid, innovative and dynamic.”  (Matthew Plummer)

Matthew Plummer
Matthew Plummer

Our amazing Sadie Kaye who is ASLI’s International Creative Director and Co-founder has embarked on a NEW and exciting adventure. Sadie will be documenting the solo exhibitions of Matthew Plummer as part of the China Inter-cultural Initiative. Matthew Plummer is the lucky artist chosen for this experience and exposure and will be touring main land China and Hong Kong.

So who is Matthew Plummer?

Matthew Plummer is an exciting young contemporary Fine Artist of lyrical elegance and undisputed originality. A passionate and acute observer of natural landscapes, which, for many years, he has swam, climbed and explored the wilder expanses of – in rain, sun and snow, by darkness and by day, and in all seasons.


Plummer’s bold and distinctive paintings hold impressionist abstraction and figuration in a perfect tension to remarkable effect, given his youth (and thus, one might expect, relative inexperience). His striking, poetic style is both intriguingly original and steeped in tradition, the latter the outcome of his fascination and engagement with the Grand Masters, Turner in particular.

Plummer claims to feel intensely close to his painting forbearer’s. He joyfully interprets, wilfully misinterprets and celebrates them in the process of creating his own, unique artistic language.

His impressionist paintings bring a rare intensity and romanticism to his timeless medium, continually advancing the innovative use of oil paint and acrylics. With sweeping, complex textures, lush palettes and compressed gestures focusing on the dynamic interplay between Light and Dark, his exuberantly intense colours typify the frenzied freedom in which he works. Expressed with the effects of the brush, his paintings cultivate a visual language culture that embraces diversity and spontaneity.


Plummer was born to an artistic, cultured family in London in 1987. He is an alumnus of London’s Royal Drawing School and the prestigious, internationally renowned Chelsea College of Art, where he received exemplary training as a Fine Artist. He has since proved himself a prodigiously talented and prolific painter with a portfolio of more than 400 completed works, 120 of them oil paintings. He has exhibited extensively in London, Paris, Toulouse, in South America and Eastern Europe.


He has recently been selected by the China Inter-cultural Initiative for a tour of solo exhibitions in Hong Kong and Mainland China. The tour will be filmed and documented for broadcast by Radio Television Hong Kong presenter and film maker Sadie Kaye. Despite his young age, Plummer is exceptionally well travelled. He recently returned to London from a spontaneous painting trip to the Red Sea, where he began work on his latest inspired collection of waterscapes, The Blue Roads.


In 2016 he will form part of a select group of artists embarking on a month-long voyage across the Atlantic Ocean, sailing a 60 ft. yacht from the UK to Venezuela, in order to paint a poignant Mural of Hope on the walls of anarchic El Rodeo prison, which lurks on the outskirts of Venezuelan capital, Caracas. The latter project will also be filmed for international broadcast on the Discovery channel.


In the past few years, Plummer has donated several pieces to be auctioned in benefit of the charities he has generously devoted much of his time to supporting. He was Artist in Residence for UK arts charity, Art Saves Lives (renamed Art Saves Lives International in 2014), from early 2012 until 2015. Several famed international artists and public figures are known to be collectors and followers of Plummer’s distinctive artwork, for which he has received many kind endorsements.

(Press release for Matthew Plummer)



So what is China Intercultural Initiative (C.I.I.)?

China Intercultural Initiative (CII) was founded by an established collective of innovating artists, arts educationalists, exhibitors and Asian art enthusiasts dedicated to using their years of artistic training, exhibition and events experience, inter-cultural passion and beliefs to create bespoke six month, one year, or two years artist exchanges for experienced, professional artists and rising talent.

Together, CII, its partners and collaborators have defined ways in which inter-cultural experimentation can create alternative modes of practice and help artists to respond creatively to the changes they see in the world around them. The rich, interactive environment of CII provides artists with the opportunity to expand and enhance their aesthetic range through exposure to cross cultural performance practices and new approaches to artistic production.

We are unique in offering artists the freedom to travel, paint and create in stimulating artistic environments; a plethora of creative opportunities to experiment, hone, develop, and share your techniques in the inspirational talks and workshops you’ll hear and give; professional opportunities to expand your professional networks; opportunities to exhibit and sell your art work in solo art exhibitions and international art fairs; and a diverse range of quirky opportunities to immerse yourself in all aspects of Chinese cultural performance. Our Chinese Cultural programs are designed and delivered to bring you the most creatively adventurous, daring and rewarding experiences from your time with the Initiative.

CII provides artists with all air travel, art transportation, housing and living costs on a need basis in return for an agent’s commission. This commission is taken from the art you sell during exhibitions and art fairs we arrange on your behalf. The commission is donated to registered children’s charities in Hong Kong and China. You will be afforded the opportunity to meet these charities and understand their work. CII believe artists should value themselves as instruments of social change and social justice is of paramount importance to us.

(CII is a partner of ASLI)

So we at ASLI want to wish Sadie Kaye, CII and Matthew Plummer all the success possible for this exciting new project, we feel this is a great opportunity and initiative.

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ASLI’s International Creative Director Sadie Kaye has exciting news about her documentary Bipolar Express

ASLI’s International Creative Director Sadie Kaye has exciting news about her documentary Bipolar Express:

Sadie Kaye
Sadie Kaye


Sadie’s documentary, The Bipolar Express, aired on Radio Television Hong Kong (RTHK Radio 3) Sunday 24th May at 8.30, but for those who missed it, there’s still the opportunity to check it out on RTHK’s podcast.

You can also catch the doc and Sadie’s 123 Show interview with Noreen Mir on the RTHK website.

The Bipolar Express is a 30-minute roller coaster ride through the euphoric highs and debilitating lows of the bipolar mind. Produced and presented by Sadie Kaye (Radio 3’s “Miss Adventure”), the documentary gives an enlightening account of the perks and the pitfalls of living with bipolar disorder.

Featuring interviews with bipolar comics Ruben M Tuck and Josh Walters, and Hong Kong ballerina Kiki Wong, as well as Hong Kong’s leading expert on bipolar disorder, Dr. Barry Connell, this quirkily styled production was made with a serious mission in mind: to fight the stigma and stereotypes attached to mental illness in Hong Kong and to spread awareness of a condition most people know little or nothing about, and yet is believed to affect as many as one in fifteen of us.

For information on bipolar support groups in Hong Kong and a wealth of articles written by others who have the condition, visit:

Sadie’s blog –




Also the rest of the ASLI Team want to congratulate Sadie!

We are so proud of her and for her important work within the arts and through this creating change!


It is among the station’s top 10 most popular broadcasts at an honourable Number 8!

Coincidentally, the 123 Show, on which Sadie was interviewed last week by ace presenter Noreen Mir, is Number 7. 

Listen To Bipolar Express – Pod-cast is ready, please click here

This fits in with our 3 month campaign “Mental Illness, Health and Recovery”

ASLI info-graphic by Charlotte Farhan

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