ASLI’s International Creative Director Sadie Kaye has exciting news about her documentary Bipolar Express

ASLI’s International Creative Director Sadie Kaye has exciting news about her documentary Bipolar Express:

Sadie Kaye
Sadie Kaye


Sadie’s documentary, The Bipolar Express, aired on Radio Television Hong Kong (RTHK Radio 3) Sunday 24th May at 8.30, but for those who missed it, there’s still the opportunity to check it out on RTHK’s podcast.

You can also catch the doc and Sadie’s 123 Show interview with Noreen Mir on the RTHK website.

The Bipolar Express is a 30-minute roller coaster ride through the euphoric highs and debilitating lows of the bipolar mind. Produced and presented by Sadie Kaye (Radio 3’s “Miss Adventure”), the documentary gives an enlightening account of the perks and the pitfalls of living with bipolar disorder.

Featuring interviews with bipolar comics Ruben M Tuck and Josh Walters, and Hong Kong ballerina Kiki Wong, as well as Hong Kong’s leading expert on bipolar disorder, Dr. Barry Connell, this quirkily styled production was made with a serious mission in mind: to fight the stigma and stereotypes attached to mental illness in Hong Kong and to spread awareness of a condition most people know little or nothing about, and yet is believed to affect as many as one in fifteen of us.

For information on bipolar support groups in Hong Kong and a wealth of articles written by others who have the condition, visit:

Sadie’s blog –




Also the rest of the ASLI Team want to congratulate Sadie!

We are so proud of her and for her important work within the arts and through this creating change!


It is among the station’s top 10 most popular broadcasts at an honourable Number 8!

Coincidentally, the 123 Show, on which Sadie was interviewed last week by ace presenter Noreen Mir, is Number 7. 

Listen To Bipolar Express – Pod-cast is ready, please click here

This fits in with our 3 month campaign “Mental Illness, Health and Recovery”

ASLI info-graphic by Charlotte Farhan

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