ASLI urge you all to do something for Nepal and the neighbouring countries hit by the 7.8 magnitude earthquake

ASLI urge you all to do something for Nepal and the neighbouring countries hit by the 7.8 magnitude earthquake.


 As the death toll from Saturday’s earthquake reaches 3,726 and with more than 6,500 injured the world is rallying round with aid on the ground and requesting donations to better assist their relief efforts.

With thousands homeless or afraid to return to their homes, the Napalese capital of Kathmandu is filled with tent cities to aid these people in their hour of need.

But with water, food and electricity being scarce and disease due to sanitation having literally collapsed the magnitude of devastation is a real concern for all humanitarian efforts.

Nepal’s government Chief Secretary Leela Mani Paudel said “We urge foreign countries to give us special relief materials and medical teams,”

United Nations World Food Programme spokeswoman Elisabeth Byrs told Agence France-Presse that “massive operation” will be under way.



So how can you help?

There are many ways to help:

Donate to one of these vetted charities doing relief work in Nepal:



Catholic Relief Services

Direct Relief


Save the Children

Seva Foundation


(These were sourced from this article)

Volunteer and go to Nepal:


Dear friends of Nepal,

Kathmandu urgently need medical supplies, doctors, foods, tents, blankets etc.  Please come Nepal in group with medical or basic needs supplies to support people in Kathmandu, Nepal. Kathmandu is in high need of medical and basic needs supplies.

There is huge destruction outside Kathmandu too. Most of the traditional houses has been collapsed in rural areas. We will keep you updated when we will have internet access. Please write us email at if you wish to volunteer to support families in Kaski (villages around Pokhara) to renovate and re-build their homes.


Share the appeals and causes on social media:

Share everything you read about the earthquake, the relief charities and agencies.

If you have not got any money to spare then don’t do nothing, SHARE!!

Use hash tags such as #Pray4Nepal, #NepalEarthquake, #Dharahara, #earthquake, #kathmandu, #HelpNepal and #NepalinCrisis 

nepal 1

nepal 4


Our thoughts are with Nepal

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