The Results are in – Check Your Email Over the Next 24hrs


Hello everyone

We are contacting artists today who have been successful in our call for arts in our CELEBRATION OF WOMEN month.
So if you submitted keep an eye out.
We aim to contact everyone by tomorrow night (Western European Time)

This was a difficult process as so much talent was submitted!
Thank you and GOOD LUCK!


One thought on “The Results are in – Check Your Email Over the Next 24hrs

  1. “Of Showers and Balloons”
    by Genevieve S. Aguinaldo

    once when you were four you asked
    me to dance for you in the shower.
    you said: “mom your boobies are pretty like balloons!”
    your eyes were twinkling
    as if you were seeing presents for your birthday.
    who would have thought that these tired breasts
    which fed you for two years
    would receive such smiles?
    that moment, they became your mother.
    Right started to speak:
    “daughter, stay away from angry men who destroy spirits.”
    Left laughed and said:
    “she would grow up and fall for these types
    just like the body where we all belong,
    but unlike the Other mother she would choose
    to keep her heart locked inside her breasts
    nipples enveloping every vein
    milk sealing the brown from areolas
    so no one will see her dance but her own daughter.”
    now that you are 20,
    you ask me to zip you
    in an ecru dress that doesn’t fit
    to a man who says “mama” in his sleep
    in a lifetime of “too bad, you have the potential”
    minutes before your walk,
    forgive me daughter
    help me, I have to pee.


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