Happy International Womens Day 2015 from ASLI


We would like to wish you all a happy IWD 2015

As this month is ASLI’s “Celebration of Women” month we have been inundated with inspiring submissions from female artists all over the world for our “Call for Female Artists”. This was in aid of being featured in our NEW and first quarterly E-magazine.  Phototastic-2015-03-08-12-13-05

Our E-magazine is a chance for ASLI to share art from all over the globe which engages, educates and express’s the world around us. We focus on social injustice, animal rights and welfare and environmental concerns.

The first issue of our E-magazine is focused on WOMEN. Looking at four subjects which affect women (in our opinion) the most:

  1. Female Stereotypes
  2. Equal Rights for women
  3. Education for girls
  4. Violence against women

We asked female artists to submit work which discusses these issues, so that we could create and be part of important discussions which through the medium and universal language of art we could all take part.

Phototastic-2015-03-08-12-40-06We had over 1000 submissions of poetry, creative writing, visual art, music, dance, photography, film and creative projects.

Due to such an overwhelming response we have had to go back to the drawing board and re-assess our plan so we could feature an celebrate you all in some way.

So this is what we decided to do:

  • Feature 42 artists in our E-magazine (coming out at the end of March)
  • Feature 36 artists on our blog throughout the rest of March
  • Add all social media entries to a gallery on our website
  • Add all non-featured artists to a gallery on our website

(All artists works will be credited and will feature links to artists sites)

If you are being featured on our blog or in our E-magazine then you will be emailed and asked for more info. We also aim to reply to all of you, but please bare with us as we are a very small team.


Here are some facts:

These are only a few issues but this shows you how we still need to push and speak out for equal rights for women and our mission at ASLI is to make the world see and hear this through art. We look forward to sharing your voices and making this important issue heard by all. 

From all the ASLI team,

Thank you xxx

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