Update on “call for female artists” for our “Celebration of Women” month

Today we at ASLI are starting to sort through your amazing submissions which we have now over 500 of and more are coming in every hour.

We will be CLOSING our submission date at the end of tomorrow, the 6th of March as we have had such an overwhelming response.

Thank you for all your amazing stuff, we can’t wait to look at it all.

We will be giving 25 spots to artists to be in our E-Magazine at the end of the month.

Also we will be giving another 25 spots to artists with their own featured blog post / article.

Another 25 artists will be featured specially on the 8th of March as our featured artists for International Womens Day.

But every artist who has submitted (before the 7th of March) will be featured in our online gallery and will be shared on our social media sites throughout March.

So keep an eye out for a reply from us and remember to watch out for your art

Thank you, from all the team at ASLI xxx

Here is the original link with details on how to submit…

Click Here for original post and how to submit 



One thought on “Update on “call for female artists” for our “Celebration of Women” month

  1. Submission:

    Woman Child (… For the World’s Daughters) By Janet Robinson Bodoff copyright 2015

    You have traveled through the bombed out streets of your childhood while trying to fuel your way out of a personal darkness that I could never know.

    You survived the abuse of adults tempting you with rationales and agents beyond your understanding.

    You have been beaten down by men. Men who in their own weakness would never allow you to rise.

    And still you are here.

    You are strong and beautiful and thinking. Dancing through the debris of your life.

    Rising, ascending, advancing, above the hate and yearning, weakness and failing, threats and jealousy.

    You are still here.

    Your abusers and tormentors are long gone. Gone to abuse and torment other women.

    And you are still here.

    Rejoice in your strength. That strength to persevere, to outlast, to outfox those who would see you fall into the dissipation of life.

    Let them go, let them fail, let them dissipate.

    But, you… you shall continue to become of greater consequence. You will be more than you ever were.

    You shall triumph!



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